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8 out of 10 site visitors click away from an average site within 30 seconds or less if it’s content or video is not personalized
Undoubtedly, video marketing is one of the most promising promotional tools that energizes user engagement. But if your video is not customized and personalized you are missing out a lot.
This ultimate video personalization machine gives you best results & outshines competitors in terms of features & performance!
Now you too can get best results with these three simple steps…
Step 1- Add A Video
To start the process, just add the video from YouTube or insert the URL of any MP4 video.
Step 2- Personalize, Notify and Customize
Now, you can personalize any video, notify the viewers by making your videos appear as lightbox on the webpage whenever you want, customize the skin and insert your promo & offer links in our software.
Step 3- Enjoy More Engagement and Leads
Now the action begins, our software gets on active mode and you start getting real results.
Use our cloud-based software and get targeted traffic to your site.

You too can personalize your video marketing campaigns and get best results.
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You could send a personalized video to every customer by embedding their name, email or geolocation?
You set an engaging video lightbox that comes on landing or exit intention or on 40% scroll on your landing page?
You can give any video a look or feel of your brand & can analyze every activity of your visitors?
You can show lead forms, Google AdSense and promos right inside your videos.
And on top of that, what if doing everything was easy without having high end technical skills or wasting your money.

I know you’re feeling curious, so let’s see this video marketing software.
Proudly Presenting...
A state-of-the-art cloud-based video personalization, notification and customization technology that drives engagement, opt-ins and sales.

VideoWhizz allows you to deliver personalized and attractive videos for your viewers. Ultimately, you can get them hooked for extended time durations and keep them with you.

This software requires NO complicated Installation, No Hosting and NO Domain name registration.

Here are the smashing features of this ultimate video personalization technology
Send a personalized video to every customer by embedding their name, email or geolocation in any video anywhere
Personalization has become the new buzz word in the marketing industry and businesses of all shapes and sizes are making countless efforts to provide a personalized experience to their customers.

With VideoWhizz, you can send a personalized video to your subscribers by embedding their name, email or geolocation inside video, and give them a more enjoyable and relevant experience.
Notify and engage maximum visitors by making your video appear as Lightbox on any webpage
In order to boost engagement and conversions, you must notify your visitors in the best possible manner.

And that’s exactly what VideoWhizz enables you to achieve.

Now, you can set an engaging video lightbox that comes on page scroll, page landing or exit intention, or even at pre-specified time intervals and capture their attention once and for all.
Capture leads right inside the video with our attractive lead templates
Capturing leads is the topmost concern for every marketer today.

You may have the best product or the most in demand service, but without having leads, you’re sunk.

With VideoWhizz, you’ll have the untapped powers to capture leads right inside the videos.
Make every visitor click on your offer links with our stunning promo templates
To get best exposure for your offers, add your offer link right inside the personalized videos created with VideoWhizz and share your offers to your targeted audience and drive best returns from your marketing efforts.
Customize the video player and give it a unique feel of your brand
VideoWhizz enables you to customize the video player and give it a look or feel of your brand. You can give your player a suitable name, select a layout of your player, and best part is that you can change the complete appearance of your player by giving any color to your player and player’s text.

Ultimately, you can increase the value of your video and add a weightage to your brand boosting efforts.
Make your videos interactive with annotations
With this powerful feature of annotation, you can add image and text ads and redirect them on the link that you want.

That’s not all,
we have some more great features in store for you:

Cloud Based Software – No Download or Install, We Host it

Comes with an Inbuilt & Sleek HD Video Player...
HD Ready & Beautiful Video Display exclusively for VideoWhizz owners.

You'll get an ultra-light weight, SEO optimized player that is based on latest video marketing technology.

100% Mobile Responsive Viral Video Pages and Player
Being 100% mobile friendly, VideoWhizz gives the best possible experience to your viewers, allowing for an absolute stunning viewing environment on mobile.

Today, more than half of users are on mobile and if you are not targeting them, you are leaving a lot of money on the table.
User-friendly interface
You also can manage your video campaigns within projects. It’s again very easy process to add, delete or edit a project.

Our sleek and beautiful interface has a deep focus on providing yoU A great experience.
Step by step training to make everything simple and easy
Yep, we know software can get complex. So, we’ve added in-depth video training for every feature, so you can always look at the right way to do things and get best results.

Here's what Industry Pioneers and Top-Notch Marketers say about VideoWhizz
VideoWhizz is your own video personalization, notification and customization system that helps to get more engagement and conversions.


No. of Videos
YouTube Video or MP4 File
Video Personalization
Video Notification
Video Player Customization
Thumbnail Re-designing
Define Annotations & Sitemap
Embed Links (E-mail, Inline, Pop-Ups)
Autoresponder Integration
Defining Notifications Timelines
Video (Viral) Page Stats
Starter Plan
1 Project
Add 10 Videos
Add Any YouTube Video or MP4 Video
One Time Payment
VideoWhizz Starter Plan
Scale Plan
10 Projects
Add 50 Videos
Add Any YouTube Video or MP4 Video
One Time Payment
VideoWhizz Scale Plan
Most Recomended
Pro Plan
Unlimited Projects
Add Unlimited Videos
Add Any YouTube Video or MP4 Video
One Time Payment
VideoWhizz Pro Plan
30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Highly Secured
Verified & Secure Checkout via JVZoo. Pay Via Credit Card or Paypal
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Do I need to download & install VideoWhizz somewhere?

    NO! VideoWhizz is fully cloud based. You create an account and you can get started immediately online. VideoWhizz is 100% web based platform hosted on the cloud. This means you never have to download anything ever!

  • I am not a technical geek, so will I be able to use VideoWhizz?

    Yep my friend, VideoWhizz is 100% newbie friendly and was created keeping in view the technical complexities and awareness in mind.

  • Is my investment risk free?

    We know the worth of your money. You can be rest assured that your investment is as safe as houses. However, we would like to clearly state that we don’t offer a no questions asked money back guarantee.

    You must provide a genuine reason and show us proof that you did everything before asking for a refund.

  • Can I create unlimited personalized videos with VideoWhizz?

    Yep, with the PRO plan of VideoWhizz, you’ll have the power to create unlimited personalized videos and capture attention of customers.

  • How is VideoWhizz different from other available tools in the market?

    Well, we won’t like to boast much about our software but we can assure you that you will be enabled to add a personalized touch and notify your videos to every website visitor.

  • What about training and support?

    OH YES. We made detailed step-by-step training videos that show you every step of how to get setup and you can access them in the member’s area.

    If you do get stuck, we also have a dedicated support desk to bail you out from any crisis.

  • Is Personalization really such a big fish?

    My friend, you might have heard that 80% of visitors leave a website in 30 seconds if it’s content or video is not personalized. So, just imagine what will be better for you- All those people going away from your website or you are retaining your visitors and keeping them hooked to your brand forever.

  • Do you charge any monthly fees?

    NOT AT ALL. There are NO monthly fees to use VideoWhizz. We always believe in providing complete value for your money.

  • How does VideoWhizz help to boost engagement?

    Personalization is PROVEN factor to engage a visitor & we are taking it to the next level by also notifying each and every visitor with your personalized video when they land on your website and in turn convert them into ultimate brand loyalists for you.

  • Is VideoWhizz Windows and Mac compatible?

    YES. We’ve already stated that VideoWhizz is fully cloud-based. So, it runs directly on the web and works across all browsers and all devices.

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